Angry Birds International Mascot Corporation

The Angry Bird Characters Produced in Edmonton Land at The Cannes Film Festival

Edmonton’s International Mascot Corporation created the Angry Bird character costumes for Rovio and Sony Pictures International and the costumes recently made a surprise appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The production team at IMC created over 160 Angry Birds and Pig character costumes for the first Angry Birds Movie and is currently producing another 50+ […]

PD Railway Mascot

A Brief History of the Prairie Dog Railway Mascot

The Prairie Dog Railway Mascot was created by International Mascot Corporation (IMC) in 1992. We were so excited to hear that the mascot known as P.D. (even though it is a raccoon, not a prairie dog) is still active after all these years. Below is a recent article about the history of P.D.from CN’s in-house […]

Space Center Houston's Commander

Space Center Houston Shares Photo of Commander

“Commander made his first appearance last night at the Houston Astros game. They were celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11. All went well. Thank you for making sure he was here on time.” – Chance Sanford, Ed.D., Guest Experience Director About Space Center Houston Space Center Houston is a leading science and space exploration […]


Dude Perfect’s Mascot Teaches Tricks

What’s Dude Perfect, you may wonder? It’s a sports and comedy group made up of five friends who got their start on YouTube. Mostly they’re known for their trick shots, but they also have a comedy series called “Stereotypes” where they poke fun at common stereotypes, mostly in the world of sports. The group is […]


A Mascot Is More than Just a Pretty Face

We make some of the best mascot costumes in the world. But even great costumes can make great mascots and that’s because there’s more to being a memorable mascot than just zipping into a costume. A great mascot needs to know how to entertain and motivate players and fans. They need a big personality to […]