Some of The Most Recognizable Mascots Around The World

Before “branding” came into play as the latest marketing goal, some of the most iconic brands in the world used mascots to make their name recognized world-wide. From the cute to the snarky, these little characters instantly connect you to the brand, like co-joined twins. Here are some of the all-time favorite mascots around the […]


How Do You Walk In That Thing? (And Other Curious Mascot Questions)

Mascots have made an appearance in almost every niche, from insurance to cereals, and have resonated with people around the globe in a positive way to help give even the most complicated or stuffy business a personal touch. But how do mascots feel about this? Are they happy to perform the deed? Do they feel […]


Our 5 Favorite ESPN Mascot Commercials

If you’re a sports fan, chances are you’ve watched your share of ESPN. You’ve also probably laughed out loud when you caught one of the networks’ “This Is SportsCenter” commercials using mascots. Launched in 1995, the idea behind these commercials hasn’t changed much. They’re still exploring the fictional day-to-day life at ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut office. […]


Why your company needs a mascot

While it might be too early to declare a full blown, out-and-out mascot revival, brand characters are certainly regaining attention in a big way. Charlie the Tuna, Speedy from Alka-Seltzer, Spam’s Sir Can-A-Lot, and Kraft’s part-milk, part-granola puppet named Mel are all making appearances.  If you’re on the fence whether or not your company needs […]